Best turner or flipper for de Buyer mineral pans?


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Best turner or flipper for de Buyer mineral pans?

sir_terence | Jul 3, 2011 08:02 PM

Recently received a set of de Buyer mineral pans as a gift and have been through the seasoning process and cooked a few things. For the most part, food isn't sticking too badly. But I recently made some hash browns and needed to dig under the potatoes in order to flip them since they were starting to burn. I was using a bamboo turner but couldn't really get a clean separation of the potatoes from the pan. I eventually got it with my stainless steel turner, but scratched the surface of the pan quite a bit, leaving a 4" silver streak in the black of the seasoning. I'm not so much as worried about the pan because I know that they're supposed to be very durable, but I was wondering if there's a better food turner that I could be using that could cleanly scrape food that is sticking, without damaging the pan? How are silicon turners? Do they work well with the high temperatures that pans like the de Buyers can achieve?

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