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Tunisian omelette & Moroccan sea food burger at Marseille

Aki | Sep 22, 200301:17 AM     1

I've never been a big fan of this place for the dinner,
but these brunch menu were pretty impressive.

Tunisian omelette - this is very very beautiful looking omelette. they excute the omelette so perfect,
not too rare, not too cooked, beautiful " sponge like "
omerette.it's filled with chopped tomato,olives,harisa and gruyere cheese, and a touch of corriander sauce is on the top.everything worked together very well.what a nice omelette!

Moroccan sea food burger - i love this idea!this is a burger that the patty is made by minced salmon, shrimp, scallops,harissan,coriander with spicy mayo. the buns are toasted brioche.it's pretty tasty burger, but i wish the patty had more flavor of fresh sea food.i hope it was off day.
my best sea food burger is still the tuna burger at Union Suqare Cafe.

Marseille 44th st & 9th ave

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