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My take on Tucson (longish)

rob133 | May 27, 200812:48 PM

Just got back from a short work trip and thought I would let you know what I thought of a few restaurants I managed to try.

Maya Q - Tuesday Evening

Excellent food, nice simple beer that went well with the spice. Great salsa with the chips and as much as I slightly rolled my eyes upwards when I saw the pile of iceberg lettuce on my plate I will admit it was a welcome addition (along with the dressing) to slightly take away the heat of the excellent pork chipolte dish I was eating. If I had one complaint was that would have liked to sit and enjoy another beer but kind of felt a little rushed in and out. I guess it simply isn't a sit back and relax for a while kind of place which is fine. But after just getting off the plane, fighting with staff at my hotel and the heat I was looking forward to not heading outside in a hurry. all in all a good start to the food on the trip.

Kababaque - After a few beers

It surprised me - nice lamb kebab, naan bread was warm and slightly crisp - yet moist inside and the somasa's were good. In fact I left my room after I had eaten a and headed back for a couple more. Did I say 'a few' beers....

Cafe Poca Cosa - Wednesday Lunch

I asked to sit at the bar in a busy lunch rush so I guess I can't really complain that I had to wait a while for the chalkboard and waitress to take my order. Still the hostess was excellent in checking in with me and keeping the chips and Tamarind juice coming. another excellent and spicy salsa with the chips. Went for a chicken mesquite dish, chicken on the bone and it was another great dish. Unfortunately I had waited a litter long and had to rush the food down in order to get back to my course after lunch. that on top of the (over the top IMO) salad meant that I picked every morsel of meat of the bone and didn't really get to enjoy the salad and side's (rice with corn was the exception - that was too good to leave alone). My regret is that I didn't head back for an evening meal - oh well I can definitely see the appeal of this place.

Frog'n'Firkin - Wednesday Evening

Look I was tired, I had walked from the University into Downtown in the heat, back in the afternoon heat, walked all over the University campus and wanted a cold beer and something salty. I do wish I had gone elsewhere (even to The Dubliner that seemed a different kettle of fish than its sister pub in Long Beach - speaking with the staff they actually had a clues and the food looked a little better - more of that later!!). On to the fish and chips... Weird seasoning on the chips - bad start but hey at least with some malt vinegar they will do - fish was obviously frozen with its batter and then deep fried last minute - not the best really wish I had not bothered.

Little Cafe Poca Cosa - Thursday Lunch

Now if only I had gotten the salad here with the meal at the main place.....oh well. Actually nothing wrong with the chicken and potato dish, just not as good as the chicken at the big Cafe. The salad wasn't over flowing my plate and while it might have been the same ingredients as the big version it seemed more manageable and therefore I enjoyed it more. Excellent Peach and Mango juice - another great salsa. Spicy and tangy just how it should be.

Athens on 4th - Thursday Evening

Good Greek food, lamb to die for, I am still amazed that the owner told me this was Australian lamb, personally I thought it had to be either British or New Zealand as it actually tasted of lamb (IMO USA and Australian lamb is often too 'sweet' and not 'gamey" enough). Really good soup followed by the braised lamb and a piece of Baklava. You know Greek food is hard to beat and this place was excellent. Nice owner, great waiter and a good night was had by all (well me anyway)

The Auld Dubliner - Still Thursday, a few beers in.

Okay so I mentioned my disappointment at The Frog'n'Firkin' and the staff were talking up how authentic they were at The Dubliner (flying in sausages etc) that I thought I would chance a portion of curry and chips - hey I saw a bottle of Sarson's Malt vinegar and got all nostalgic and thought it had to be good). Curry......curry, if only it had been curry and not this creamy, grainy, bity concoction with a slight curry powder taste...at least it was just a late night bar fueled snack.

The Sultans Palace - Friday pre-lunch snack.

This place had been empty every evening and seeing people in at lunch, having 30 minute to kill I decided to try something out. I wanted the somasa's and a portion of the spicy potato's - No potato's but the veg and meat somasa's were not to bad - not up to Kababaque but at least filled a small hole.

Airport food - Friday lunch

Airport food what do you expect...

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