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tube pasta called "bombalati"?


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tube pasta called "bombalati"?

toodie jane | Sep 22, 2005 06:01 PM

Looking for a tube pasta that my mom used to buy in bulk from The California Paste Co. in San Jose (CA) during the 50's and 60's. It was called (phoenetically) bombalati. About 4" in length and about 3/4 " wide. She made a seasoned ground-meat and spinach mixture, filled the partially cooked tubes, and arranged them in rows in a baking pan, sauced them with red sauce and topped with parm and baked. Even better the next day.
California Paste Co dissapeared in the 70's and I can't find this tube anywhere. I check in every Italian deli I see and have searched on-line. Maybe this was an obscure regional pasta? Anyone heard of it?
Most pastas people try to show me are manacoti or some kind of penne. The tube was big enough to easily stuff, yet not the unweildy size of manicoti.

Mom grew up in San Jose in the 30's and went to school with lots of Italian kids. My dad played soccer with lots of Italians, so this must have been where she picked up the recipe. Both my parents were born in England, and most of our meals were true to English type: boiled veggies and oven roasted meats. This dish was a glowing exception!

Can anyone help?

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