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T&S Austin - "Critters Advice"


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T&S Austin - "Critters Advice"

amysuehere | Dec 5, 2002 12:37 PM

Okay, weak of stomach stop reading now.

Went to T&S today (been many times before and loved it) and ordered my eggplant garlic chicken pot, got up for some soup and sat down, started eating my soup and went for the napkin that is on the plate (which are all sitting on the tables when you walk in). Out from under the napkin skittered a tiny roach (size of a fly, maybe). Instinct made me brush it off immediately and it fell to the floor. Just as I did that, the waitress walked by and I told her what happened and showed her the little guy. She said sorry, handed me another plate and napkin and scooped it up and was off.

Here's the question: What would you have done now? What should they have done now?

I had already ordered and, gosh darn it, I really like the place and had no problems before.

So, my food comes and I eat it, although with enthusiasm much diminished, obviously looking a little closer at each bite.

I finish and wait for my tab. I finally go up to the register and the same waitress that waited on me rings my bill (yes, I left a tip on the table, just in case) She looked me straight in the eye with a full price bill.

Next question, same thing: What would you have done? What should they have done?

I paid my bill without saying anything (although I thought about saying something "smart" about not charging extra for the protein" but feel it would have been lost).

I'm torn between feeling "cheap" and feeling like there should be some compensation for the lapse in, well, cleanliness. You know, I'm not even thinking, "Yeah, free meal," I'm thinking, "Gosh, you'd think the owner/manager would come out and apologize. Just something more than a 'sorry' and a new plate off another table."

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