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Pia | Dec 17, 200501:23 AM

A couple of years ago, I was seduced by the Sottocenere at Mollie Stone's. The cheese itself was nothing special but, oh, that truffle flavor!!! Sottocenere remained my favorite (despite mercifully brief flirtations with a Cacciota and a Pecorino--both painfully dull and inadequately truffled). That is, until a few months ago when I encountered a Boschetto al Tartufo at Whole Foods, and lost my heart all over again. I introduced the Boschetto to my family, and they told me I need not bother to bring any other cheese home again.

Yesterday, I met a serious contender for my affections: a truffled Brillat-Savarin. I had been ready to commit myself to a whole Boschetto (approx.$30, whole), but the sheer unctuousness of Brillat-Savarin enveloping a thin layer of pulverized black truffle gave me pause. I eventually resolved the conflict by buying half a Boschetto for the family, and half a Brillat-Savarin (approx.$42, whole) as a guilty pleasure for myself--and a couple of very special people.

For more detailed descriptions, and a longer list of truffled cheeses, see the link to mom!mom!.com below. (Not the likeliest- or edgiest-sounding website, but practical, and pretty thorough re truffled cheese.)

By the way, does anyone have suggestions for a wine to go with truffled Brillat-Savarin?

N.B., The truffled Brillat-Savarin is available only briefly. In fact, the Cheese Man at the San Mateo Whole Foods told me that they have received their one and only shipment. I think Whole Foods has the widest selection of truffled cheeses, though Draeger's and Mollie's both have Sottocenere. The Pasta Shop in Berkeley has(or had) a truffled Tenerella, which I am hoping to try someday.

Link: http://www.mom-mom.com/truffle_cheese...

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