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what IS a truffle?


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what IS a truffle?

oldtimer | Jul 25, 2005 09:25 PM

Just when I finally learn that a truffle is a mushroom and not a chocolate, someone goes and starts a thread on overpriced chocolates using the term.

I am afraid to ask, but...are these chocolate-COVERED mushrooms? I can't see how a term could apply to both chocolate and mushrooms simultaneously otherwise.

My wife's theory is that the mushrooms are so rich that someone jokingly called them "truffles" once upon a time (cf "rocky mountain oysters" or "sweetbreads"). Mine is the other way around - I figure it was a marketing ploy by some overpriced chocolateer to claim pedigree with gourmet $$$ mushrooms. To this end, I would guess that they used to be called "chocolate truffles" or "imitation truffles", in the same way that "chocolate eggs" are not actually eggs.

Is chocolate now the default? Where does one find real "truffles"? Whole foods? Trader Joe's?

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