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Brief trip to Seattle report and Hosoonyi apology

creepygirl | Dec 17, 200312:16 AM     1

Took what was meant to be a short trip to Seattle, and ended up staying an extra week because I got rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery at the end of it. I'm doing just fine now, (and was well taken care of) but the memories of the meals I had in Seattle before the surgery are obviously a bit hazier than usual.

First, though, if anyone tried to take me up on the invitation to Hosoonyi on December 6th, my apologies. We got off on the wrong exit, and were about 15 to 30 minutes late.

My first day there, I went to Salumi, and finally had the lamb prosciutto, having been thwarted 3 or 4 times in the quest for it. It was worth the wait. I love the gamey flavor of lamb, and it was an absolutely perfect sandwich with just the olive oil and some fresh mozzarella. My boyfriend had gone earlier in the week to get some, just in case it wasn't available, so we also made sandwiches with a bit of Brie later in the week. Also delicious.

We also visited Kisaku for the first time. I didn't feel like a huge sushi dinner, so we mostly had nigiri. I liked it a lot. I remember that It tasted to me like the seasonings of the rice were adjusted to augment the flavor of the fish, but I don't remember the specifics. We'll definitely be back.

Hosoonyi was great. Boyfriend and I and one of boyfriend's friends went. Place was pretty crowded, so we got one of the low tables where you sit on cushions. We got some barbecued meat, the fabulous seafood crepe, and a spicy halibut soup that was a little bit beyond my heat tolerance that day. I did fish out some of the halibut, which was very tasty. One thing that's awkward is that the fish still had some large bones in it, and the only utensils we had were spoons and chopsticks. I kind of had to put the halibut on a plate and pick off the meat with my chopsticks.

Went to BBQ Hut that evening. Service was very, very slow, and waiter concentrated almost entirely on my boyfriend, which felt a bit weird. I don't know if it was a cultural thing or something idiosyncratic to that waiter. Halibut Masala was terrific. I had some lamb kabobs which were dry, some bland rice, and a pretty horrible salad. Also had some sort of appetizer, maybe samosas. Felt that the seasonings for all items was very similar. Maybe we didn't order the right stuff (except for the halibut).

Sunday night we got takeout from Mayuri with some friends. Don't remember much about it--nothing in particular stood out as exceptionally good or bad. That was the last day before I started feeling sick.

After the surgery, my culinary adventures were fairly limited, but I did have some really nice pho at Pho Bac, which is wonderful food to have when you haven't been feeling well.

When I started to feel chipper again, we went to Amore chocolates, and I tried a few new things. Their rice crispy caramel is great--salty, crunchy, rich, and sweet in perfect balance. I usually don't like liqueurs with my chocolate, but their amaretto truffle is wonderfully subtle--the dominant flavor is chocolate, not amaretto. They've got a real obstacle now that Fran's has moved close by, but the lady who runs the place seems to be upbeat about it--she said that people go into Amore looking for Fran's, and end up buying stuff. She says the locals are protective of Amore, which makes me happy. I'd be, too, if I lived there.

I'm eager to get back when I've fully recuperated. Boyfriend and I have started an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the places we want to try. :)


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