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Trip Report from New Orleans 3.0

saffrongold | Nov 25, 201907:34 AM     1

I should have written a follow up while the trip was young, but here goes to the best of my recollection from a visit late September.

Dinner at Coquette was our best dining experience of the trip on all levels: cocktails, food, service, atmosphere. An amazing start to the trip. We were there at 9:00pm on a Monday so it was not a rush time and service was extra attentive. I am not usually a dessert person but we wanted to stay in the cozy glow so ordered a very different take on coconut cake. The pastry chef is very talented. Next time I would like to check out their sister restaurant, Thalia, as well.
Compere Lapin the food was good BUT our main server was so hurried and pre-occupied even though there is plenty of support staff there. It was not welcoming, not leisurely and not even efficient if that is what she was going for. Cocktails were really slow to come out. Also it was crazy loud in there but the room is impressive with artwork and lighting and sheer size. With all the accolades for the restaurant I guess our expectations were set too high. We had the goat curry for our main and it was good, not great. I forget the other courses. I realize I am in the minority but I would not go back there, too many other places to explore.

Surreys is our usual choice for shrimp and grits and they did a great job, as always. Would be curious what other places do this well as it is a food I crave.

Saba was very tasty and I would go back. Hummus with crab was a great local treatment to a Middle Eastern staple.

We wanted a meal near RockNBowl so landed on Jamila's and it was good. Nearly empty which I think was a source of frustration for the owner who runs the front of the house and likes to pour the hospitality on thick. Next time I want to go to The Olde College Inn which had been recommended but I wrongly got it in my head that it was a sports bar because of the name. From the website, which I saw later, it looks really cool and I will try it next time.
We tried to go to Superior Seafood for the oyster happy hour as recommended but there was a 45 minute wait so we went to Pascual Manales after all and it checked all the boxes.
Hit up High Hat Cafe and Hansen's Sno-Bliz. First time at Hansen's, really perfect. Choosing a flavor was tough. I went with fresh blackberry and hibiscus. Met the nicest folks in line. High Hat is a favorite and would like to try Adolfo's some time.

The Vintage was recommended by ktmtp and we went there nearly every morning for coffee. Never got around to the beignet.

We went to the Uptown Farmers Market and got a mess of okra and green beans to make back at the airbnb. So good. And some delicious goat milk yogurt and hand-held sweet potato pies.

I hope you will see this in time BarryFJ and that it is helpful to you.

Thank you to all who made suggestions and I hope everyone has a stellar Thanksgiving.

Surrey's Uptown
Jamila's Cafe
Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar
Pascal's Manale
The High Hat Cafe
The Vintage
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