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My Trip to Memphis (a little long)


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My Trip to Memphis (a little long)

kevin | Mar 1, 2006 09:15 PM

so i was here on business, and took some of your recs. i don't do pork cue, so take the rest with a grain of salt. and i do like cue just beef cue. anyways, to the person that asked before about beef cue at joints around town, there are many that have beef cue and some with chicken and turkey and even cornish game hens (though haven't tried this one, Cozy Corner has the goods).

Upon leaving the airport, went out to Cozy Corner but alas they were closed (that really sucks). And just a couple words regarding Cozy Corner, is it just me or is the location a little down at it's heels, there aren't too many shops around those parts nor businesses to speak of, and most of the homes are quite ramshackle-y. But i wouldn't get another chance at the Cozy Corner (i think it's located near parkway and jackson/chelsea sts, not sure?), i was seriously looking forward to it.

Then went down to the Dowtown Memphis area, walked along Beale st. and checked the menu at Blues City Cafe and it looked a lot on the touristy side so passed on that, even though a bunch of people in the area while we were walking commented on the fact that we should try the Blues City, maybe I'd go for the beer but not food looked way too commerical, and touristy, etc. so walked down the quite desserted block (is it always this empty on the streets, although i must admit it was a sunday afterall).

so then settled on Dyer's Burgers. I had heard before that they make a mean burger here, in choices like a single, double, triple, possibly quadruple. Reminded me of In n' Out burgers in California back home. We ordered up doubles w/ cheese, and a corona for me. The burgers arrrived wrapped in wax, greasy as all hell. unwrapped it in a jiffy, cause hadn't eaten all day. and either i was hungry or it was pretty damn good, finished it in about all of a minute or less. yeah, gotta chew instead of taking only a couple bites. Not bad for burgers.

The next day was pretty much an all bbq day except for breakfast. Darn that breakfast, I probably would have had cue for breakfast, but anyways went to the Blue Plate Cafe and had some bagel and cream cheese (i know what was i thinking bagels in memphis, that's like getting cue in new york, but had to save room for the rest of the day). The bagels were whatever, and the menu listed the pies as homemade and fresh daily, so i ordered up a slice of french silk, and boy was that a mistake, not even close to homemade, the filling was super sweet with no finesse, the crust was bland, it felt like they got it direct from SaraLee, anyone who has been to the Blue Plate on Poplar in East Memphis, please correct me if i am wrong.

Then on to business lunch at the Comissary BBQ in old Germantown. Started off with some sweet tea, the first sweet tea of the trip, and oh, so delicious, it's a good thing we don't have this stuff in LA or else I would gain a few pounds a day just on sweet tea. I ordered up the hickory smoked half chicken with beans and slaw. The chicken was not bad (they didn't have any beef ribs or sliced beef or links options) and nicely smokey. Put some of the chicken in their hot bbq sauce, and you know what i really quite enjoyed their hot bbq sauce, sweet with a little spice to it, nothing mouth-searing though. Too bad. And I made a nice pulled chicken sandwich with some slaw, bbq sauce, and pieces of chicken on the roll provided. It was prettty ok meal, and the business associate seemed to quite enjoy the pulled pork sandwich. Upon looking at the takeout menu, I realled they had coco cream pie and choc cream pie, darnit, if these were fresh made and homemade, i should've tried it (anybody tried these???). Oh, yeah, the Commissary BBQ is on Old Germantown Rd. in Germantown.

For a late lunch, I had some Neely's BBQ after asking at the memphis visitor's center nearby the Elvis Graceland how to get to Interstate BBQ. They recommended and pressed me to go to Neely's instead and what do you know, I think Neely's are relatives of Jim Neely who owns Interstate BBQ. So I went to Neely's at their Mt. Moriah location. Had my food to eat in, it's hard to believe it's possible to eat-in when having good cue (since in Los Angeles all the good cue places have no seats, and are mostly and possibly strictly take-out joints, with glass usually separating the customers from the waitstaff). Anyways, ordered up the combo, (oh, and as a side note the nice people at the vistor's center memphis, mentioned the portions at neely's are pretty darn big if not huge and that i would not have room to eat until the next day), a combo of beef ribs and chopped beef. anyways, what arrived was enough for three people, i wish i could show you a picture of it, about five big bones of beef ribs and what i took to be about a pound of chopped beef chunks all swimming in sauce. the plate most have weighed over three pounds if not more. not too mention the fries that came in another basket and some coleslaw in another, and they a couple buttered garlic rolls for good measure. that was a mess of food, i got a little dizzy just looking at it. anyways, digged in but could only managed about three beef ribs, a few fries, some coleslaw, the sweet tea (gotta have the sweet tea), about one roll, and a few chunks of the chopped beef. I didn't care for the chopped beef, not tender enough or tasty enough, and the sauce that covered both the beef ribs and the beef was way too sweet almost to the point of saccharine (it reminded me of chain places in big cities like tony' roma's or lucille's and the like). The beef ribs were not bad, not great. But I guess good for a town that believes in most only pork ribs and pork shoulder sandwiches.
I got the majority of it to go in a takeout box and that was a damn hefty takeout box, like lifting weights or something.

My last meal of the night was a beef brisket dinner at Corky's on Poplar near my hotel. the brisket was nice and tender, the sauce was again a little too sweet nice slaw, and exceptional rolls for some reason hot and buttered, delicious, and of course a few glasses of sweet tea.

Next day, was back to the airport day, in the early afternoon, but anyways, had some bagels again for breakfast at a place called The Bagel Cafe of Memphis or something along those narrow lines, light breakfast as usual.

Then we jotted onto Poplar to donwtown to check out some cue at Rendouzvez (charle's vergos place) on a back alley near second st. But alas it was closed for lunch (and it had been closed the previoius day monday for dinner and lunch), we passed by Cafe 61 (i think) which had a menu made up of po boys and other wares which sounded quite interesting but we passed on it.

And by that time our flight time was approaching so off to the airport. But not too fear at the airport, there was an outpost of Jim Neely's Interstate BBQ in the other terminal so I walked on the concourse to the other terminal for some of that cue (our terminal had an outpost of Corky's but I needed to try Interstate). So got there an ordered up a pretty pricey combo (though not that huge) of beef links and smoked turkey, which arrived in takeout box with two sides of coleslaw and potato salad. I may get shit for saying this but the bbq here, at Intersate, in the Memphis International Airport was pretty darn good, nice links, pretty darn good smokey turkey in a well-nuanced not too sweet bbq sauce. It was actually very good stuff on second thought. And to wash it all down what else but some more sweet tea.

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