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A tricky one....


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A tricky one....

julie id | Feb 15, 2000 12:10 AM

All this talk of kimchi (other thread) has got me thinking back to an earlier issue. Does anyone have any leads/insight on NORTH Korean (DPRK) food?? As an American it is EXTREMELY hard to find much of anything with a DPRK bent.

In Beijing we knew of a few NK-specific restaurants. In the US, I know of none. In fact, unlike (South) Koreans in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc., (South) Koreans in US (L.A. mainly) get extremely agitated at my even ASKING about any DPRK stuff (books, usually).

I realize that at a time of famine, etc., it sounds odd asking about DPRK cooking, but I am serious. Some of the (South) Koreans who used to frequent those (North) Korean restaurants in Beijing confirmed that the cuisine was rather different.

I'd be interested in any leads on restaurants, cookbooks, or much of anything ELSE on the subject.


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