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Tricks you figured out in the kitchen and thought 'good one'!!!

suzigirl | Apr 2, 201202:56 PM

Years ago I was making french toast and had the vanilla and cinnamon from the pantry and put them in the dish. Came back from the fridge with the eggs and added.them and the cinnamon did something it had never done before... it stayed mixed in and not all clumped on top. Now I always mix it in the extract first. Side note I have a friend who hates vanilla anything so I used vodka. Works with any alcohol. Not water though.

You can peel ginger with a spoon and save alot of the tasty flesh. Also, it grates better frozen
I put two slices of white bread in the bottom of my meatloaf pan to prevent it from stewing in its own juice.

Bread ends are great sponges in the pan to sop up fat after browning ground meat. Tilt the pan and push the meat to the side. Use tongs and sponge the fat away with the bread.

Tea balls are great in a pinch for a bouquet garni when you are out of cheese cloth.

If you wet your cookie sheet before you line it with foil you get a perfect seal to keep it clean when roasting. How many times have you had to scrub that pan because the chicken juices got past that foil? Ugh!

Hit me with some light bulb over your head moments. We all can use the help no matter how much knowledge we think we have. I am looking forward to hearing the tah day moments!

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