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Traveling with a dairy allergy


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Traveling with a dairy allergy

Dumpling | Aug 12, 2005 05:41 PM

Any general suggestions for food while traveling with my 1.5 year old with a severe milk/dairy allergy? We'll be in NY and then driving through New England. Plus we're cheap. I will bring food with us that he can eat, but he's wanting to try everything (good Chowhound tendencies).

I have determined that Indian food is out (too much ghee/yogurt), probably Italian is out, too (too much hidden cheese). I am finding how many surprising things have dairy. Most veggie burgers have milk. So many breads have milk. Why would I eat soy cheese (milk derivative) if I could have dairy?!?

So, I was thinking kosher restaurants might be helpful, at least we'll know there's no dairy in the meat dishes. Asian food is fairly safe (not Thai). Falafel stands are probably fine. He loves meat, but at least at vegan restaurants we'll know that things aren't cooked in butter.

Any other general suggestions for types of places to eat where the kid can try the food, too?

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