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Trader Joe's Vegetable Sticks ... Worst tasting snack ever?


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Trader Joe's Vegetable Sticks ... Worst tasting snack ever?

ipsedixit | May 4, 2011 09:43 PM

I'm an avid and avowed Trader Joe's hater, but I do go there to buy liquor once in a while.

Well, today was one of those "once in a while" times. As I was in line to pay for my bottle of single malt scotch, I happened to triy one of those green and yellow Vegetable Sticks that they had set out in a sampler tray.

Major life fail on my part.

The thing was tasteless but amazingly still had that ability to impart an oily, greasy mouth feel going down the throat. Wretched. Absolutely wretched.

The friendly clerk in his usual TJ's perky way asked (or was it stated?), "They're great aren't they?"

I looked at him and said, "Yeah, if you were raised on Styrofoam and packaging peanuts."

I picked up a package of Altoids along with my scotch just to wash down that greasy feeling in my mouth because I wouldn't want to run afoul of open bottle laws ...

Do people actually like these things???

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