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Total Yogurt vs. Trader Joe's Greek Yogurt


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Total Yogurt vs. Trader Joe's Greek Yogurt

Mr. Taster | Nov 4, 2004 01:37 PM

Hi 'hounds

I love TOTAL yogurt, I buy the big tup which costs about $4.29 from TJ's. (For those who have not had it, it is a strained yogurt with an unbelievably creamy texture, almost like a lighter version of philly cream cheese. Add a tiny drizzle of honey, some berries and a bit of TJ's vanilla paste... mmm!)

A few months ago, TJ's came out with their own brand of Greek yogurt. It's about the same quantity (16 oz. maybe?) for 1/2 the price (about $1.99 I think) and while it is thicker than standard yogurt, it does not compare with the creaminess of total.

So I decided to experiment. I bought some cheesecloth and strained TJ's yogurt for about 30 hours in the fridge and lo-and-behold, it yielded a Total-like product though I felt the flavor was a bit different. I then simply added the new yogurt cheese back into the original TJ's greek yogurt container.

I still prefer the flavor of total, but at perhaps 1/2 the cost (accounting for the loss of volume), the strained TJ's version is a lovely substitute.

Has anyone else tried this? What did you think of the results?

Mr. Taster

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