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Toronto Life's Restaurants 2008 - worst trend list

kawarthagirl | Mar 6, 200804:07 AM

This one made it: "Eating local. Cult-like devotion to food sourced from within 100 kilometres of the dining table can go too far, especially in a region where seasonal winter cuisine means root vegetables, apples and pickled veggies pulled out of the cellar. The locavore’s dilemma, if I can call it that, is in finding a balance between pleasure, health and environmental responsibility, especially when ingredients from the other side of the world can be fresher and have a smaller ecological footprint than the many good things that grow in Ontario. Besides, in an age where restaurants charge top dollar for their dishes, don’t patrons have a right to expect the best quality ingredients regardless of their provenance?"

Thank goodness. I felt like I was alone in the world having this opinion b/c if I dared to utter it, I got slammed and dashed by the holy-er than thou types who believe that if you don't think their way, you're just plain wrong. Of course, the author, Rob Mifsud also placed Eating Local on the top 5 best trends but I think ultimately it's about doing something in a reasonable 'happy medium' way, not with the slave-like mentality of a cult.

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