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Topless Muffins should be illegal! Please help!


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Topless Muffins should be illegal! Please help!

justsayn | Apr 18, 2011 10:30 PM

Is nothing sacred?

I am sure that every foodie has their favourite Seinfeld episode as no sitcom has put great menu items in the spotlight quite the same way. While soup shops opened everywhere, and fast food outlets stole the nazi mantra, no stores opened with Muffin Tops only! But they should have!

Whats worse?

Toronto bakers have gone insane. I am convinced that they have forgotten what a muffin is supposed to be, It is so frustrating to watch the muffin tops disappear across the city, coffee shop by coffee shop, only to make way for these soggy paper wrapped pieces of cake. Bring back the proper muffin form with the crunchy tops! The tops are the best part! Everybody knows that. How can you just go and remove them and pretend it doesnt matter. The stupid cheap bakers save batter and I suppose they are easier to get out of the pan....but who cares! Give me my muffin tops back!

Where are the best muffins with proper tops? Please help!

Right now my favourite delectable muffins are in Kensington across from Wandas. These are wholesome, fruit filled, with an awesome top - an amazing muffin. But I dont always want a healthy version so please share your idea for the best muffin tops in the city!

Meanwhile, let's boycott muffins without tops! How did this happen?

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