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netmover | Jan 5, 2008 09:48 PM

First of all let me say that I am a little confused as to what a true Michigan is supposed to be?

Tomato or no? Seems our brethren from north of the border seem to think so. I grew up in the Capital Distric of NY where the Greek Diners do a very finely ground Meatsauce without tomato. Is that a Michigan too?

1. Redwood Rotterdam

2. Mikes Schenectady

3. Gus' Waterveleit

I was hoping for your picks and guidance and if anyone has a Greek Diner style recipe I'd be much obliged. The sauce I dig has a strange spice in it, I want to say it's cinnamon?

Today in Dania, FL I had a Quebec style Michigan and it was a spaghetti meatsauce...very different than what I grew up on.


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