Food Media 132

Top Chef-Tailgating

Phaedrus | Apr 16, 200807:21 PM

Watching now.

Jennifer wins immunity. I didn't think much of her dish. Richard picked Michelob Ultra??!!! Are you kidding me? That's like trying to cook something that goes well with water. That's not beer! Stephanie's choice of Hoegaarten was excellent and her dish looked and sounded great. Wish I could taste it.

And what is with that pretzel crumbles? What up with that? I feel bad for Mark because he has no idea what football tailgating is, poor guy.

Oh, and Richard's pate melt? Lets say I'm dubious.

OK, foreshadowing just happened. I think its either Spike or Mark.

How did Nikki get this far?

Mark goes for the charcoal, I hope it works for him. Risky.

The Fridge, Dent, and Sayers?? Simply awesome.

Spike uses jicama? In Chicago? Too wimpy.

Ryan's food is way too fru-fru for football. And the judges agree with me.

Andrew definitely got issues.

OOh, Lisa's looks good.

Quinoa tabbouleh? Oy!!

OK, looks like Mark is gone.

Dale. Antonia, and Stephanie. are the winners. They ARE the most consistent. And Dale wins!! And he gets a freaking Bears jersey and a studly grill grill, I guess thats OK, I still would rather go to Italy.

OK, Gail Simmons still bugs me.

OK, whaling on Nikki, Ryan, and Mark now.

Nikki is clueless.

Ryan is a cry baby.

Mark is the slob. His area did look pretty disgusting, and coming from me, it must be truly disgusting.

Oops, got it wrong. Ryan goes. I guess they faked us all out. And the schmu
ck still won't admit he missed the boat on the challenges. He's an idiot.

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