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Top Chef Sept. 12th. >>SPOILER<<

Withnail42 | Sep 12, 200706:01 PM

I have no idea what this week's challenge is going to be I just noticed that in the preview for the episode everyone, for the first time, are wearing ever so glamorous hairnets.

I just hope they do something a little different than 'a black tie dinner for eighty ever so hip and trendy noble prize winners with a budget of $17 using only items found in a magazine store. (This will be followed by shock and dismay at the judges table about how bad the food is. Big Tom C. will throw in his usual something along the lines of 'I would never let a dish like this like this out into my dinning room!')

And this season really seems to be dragging on. Part of me hope there will be a hazing incident so they can throw a whole bunch off and move directly to the finals.


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