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Top Chef Seattle - Ep. #12 - 01/23/13 (Spoilers)


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Top Chef Seattle - Ep. #12 - 01/23/13 (Spoilers)

LindaWhit | Jan 23, 2013 07:37 PM

OK, let's get the show on the road. They're back in the suite the next day. Stefan said "The Ex-Wife is gone but she'll be back with Last Chance Kitchen." Brooke said if she ever knew it would go that way, she would have stood up for Kristen. Meanwhile, Josie says to Lizzie that she feels heavy this morning, but she can't sit at the Judges Table and just go home without everyone hearing what's going on. She said this is the only elimination where she feels guilty. Like DUH!

They head back to TC Kitchen, and Master Sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi is there with Padma. The Quickfire Challenge requires them to create their own sushi. Padma notes there is no immunity from here on out, but the winner will receive $5,000. They have 30 minutes.

Brooke has sushi at least 3 times a week, so she's hoping to do well for Chef Uechi. Josh is using bacon in his sushi - Stefan calls it a breakfast sandwich with bacon and eggs. Meanwhile, Stefan doesn't know what he wants to do. Josie is talking to Stefan as to what she's going to make, and Stefan looks up and says "What?" with an "I'm not listening to you" look on his face. Stefan is going to make 2 items - both without rice.

Stefan - Yellowtail with Grilled Shiitake & Raw Lobster with Seaweed & Unagi - Uechi asks if he seared the lobster; Stefan replies no; Uechi likes it.

Josie - Halibut with Yuzu & Bacon Aioli - Padma asks Uechi if he has ever used bacon in sushi; he replies no, but the idea was good, although it could use a little more punch.

Lizzie - Lobster, Micro Greens & Pickled Ginger with Yuzu-Sake Broth - Uechi said if a bit of rice was put underneath, it would be good.

Brooke - Octopus with Yuzu & Grated Wasabi - the yuzu gave it a clean taste; Uechi said it was good.

Josh - Tempura Bacon, Omelette, Salmon Belly & Yuzu Kosho Aioli - Uechi said the bacon was too greasy, and then said Hmmmm.

Sheldon - Hamachi Sashimi with Fresh Ponzu, Mitsuba & Lemon Charcoal - Uechi noticed the lemon charcoal and said it was interesting.

Uechi said the least favorites were: Lizzie and Josh
The favorites were: Brooke and Stefan

The winner is Stefan. He finally wins after 27 challenges in both his appearances on Top Chef! LOL

Padma welcomes Tom C. and David Chang, chef/owner of Momofuku Noodle Bar and Ma Peche. What's the Elimination Challenge? Tom tells them that there are several visiting chefs in town, including David Chang. He's rented a house while in town, and the cheftestants are cooking for a dinner that night. Tom said he's in the mood for fried chicken. Josh said it's right up his alley. Tom notes who will be the judges - Wolfgang, Emeril, Jonny & Vinny from Son of a Gun, and Michelle Bernstein.

The winner will get a year's supply of Terlato wine. Stefan said "365 bottles of wine? That'll last me 3 months." LOL

They have 30 minutes to prep. And Stefan says another funny in the confessional: "I like breasts a lot. You can hold onto thighs much better, but I like both. Depending on the size.......of the chicken." And then he says "Oops!" with a funny little boy grin.

Josh has been having fried chicken since he was young made by his grandfather. He's brining from the inside. Josie said "I've got this one in the bag! It's in my blood!" Brooke tells Josh she's going to hate her chicken. After seeing what she's doing, he said he's going to break up with her after this chicken challenge.

They pack the Toyota Highlanders and head off to Tom's house. Josie said she has a secret blend of flours she uses. Stefan asks, she won't tell him what it is. He said "I'm not going to steal your dish!" Josie asks "How do you say 'Kiss my ass?' in German?" Stefan says something to her in German as if he's tell her how to say it, which she repeats. Stefan then says "Do you know what that means? It means 'I'm going home next.'" Josie laughs - but I'm hoping it's from Stefan's mouth to the judge's votes!

They have 1 hour to cook. Josie said she's going to be able to serve 2 dishes - and says if she can execute, she'll seal the deal. (OK, notice how MUCH camera time Josie's getting about saying she's going to win? Please, please, please, please?????)

Stefan's making a Chicken Cordon Bleu fried chicken? Ummm... Josh is smoking his chicken before frying it using the brown paper bag dredging method.

The judges arrive: Tom C., Wolfgang, Emeril, Padma, Vinny Dotolo, chef/owner of Animal and Son of a Gun, Michelle Bernstein, chef/owner of Michy's, Jon Shook, chef/owner of Animal and Son of a Gun. Tom has a great idea for Wolfgang - he creates a chain of fried chicken restaurants and calls them Wolfgang Cluck. :-D

Meanwhile, Brooke doesn't have enough oil, and doesn't have enough time to cook the chicken skin that she's removed from her chicken breasts. She now has a boring boneless chicken breast. Rut-roh!

One of Josie's fryers isn't work; Lizzie said as soon as she's done, she can use hers. Meanwhile, Sheldon's oil is too hot and burns the first batch. Josie said time is running out, so she's going to have to forget the chicken wings. She notes "Time management seems to be my Achilles heel, but I'm not too worried. I know how to make the most delicious fried chicken you've ever damn tasted!"

First to serve are Sheldon, Josie, and Lizzie. Josie says to the confessional camera that the last time she was on TC, Michelle Bernstein was one of the judges who sent her home, so she doesn't like Michelle at her dinner table.

LIZZIE - Chicken with Coriander, Black Pepper & Brown Sugar Rub with Peach-Cabbage Slaw - Vinny and David likes it, but Tom said Lizzie doesn't really understand fried chicken. The last thing that anyone should do is bone the breast and fry it when you're given a whole chicken. But Tom *does* like the salad.

JOSIE - Chicken with Black Garlic, Cayenne, Thyme & Hot Sauce with Daikon Salad - Jon Shook said that Josie tried to pitch them on the "Southern style" by serving on a banana leaf, but he and Emeril agree that they would run her right out of the South. Wolfgang said it was too greasy - Emeril passes over the banana-leafed plate and it shows the leftover grease. Vinny said it wasn't hot; there was no spice. Michelle said she had to put it down - she couldn't eat more of it.

SHELDON - Umami Drumsticks & Thighs, Wings with Usukuchi & Grapeseed Oil - Both Emeril and Tom C. liked his chicken a lot, and Tom gives him extra credit for thinking outside the box. Wolfgang notes he didn't get any extra wings because Tom ate them all (which he didn't - he only shared with Michelle *one* wing). David notes that when you serve, make sure there's enough for everyone. But Wolfgang holds up the bone from his chicken and it was clean as a whistle!

Back in the kitchen, Brooke realizes there is 15 minutes to plate and she's done cooking. She keeps them warm in the oven and then puts them back in the fryer to get the crust crispy again.

Next up - Brooke, Josh and Stefan. Interestingly, before the judges try the dishes, Padma asks Jon and Vinny if they recognize Brooke. It seems they interviewed through her years ago for line cook positions, and she didn't hire them. Oops! LOL Padma says they won't hold it against her.

STEFAN - Chicken Cordon Bleu with Garlic Aioli & Lemon - Emeril said he has the Chicken Cordon Blues right now. Vinny said "Wasn't he already on Top Chef? Do you get another chance when you're doing Cordon F*ckin' Bleu - it's really weird. You're going for $125,000 - I'd put your ass on the line a bit more."

JOSH - Smoked Fried Chicken with Hot Sauce & Blue Cheese - Michelle loves the combination; Tom loves the idea of smoked fried chicken.

BROOKE - Dukkah-crusted Chicken Breast with Wilted Escarole & Tomato Salad - Wolfgang asks "Why the f*ck they have no bones? There are no bones!" He asks "What is this show called here?" Padma responds "Top Chef." Wolfgang said "I wouldn't even call it The Apprentice - and I know that name's taken already." Tom said it's dried out, Michelle says she doesn't know why she took a chicken breast and overcooked it. Vinny says "I'm glad I didn't get the job!" Ouch!

Jon Shook said "I feel almost embarrassed that the L.A. chefs rolled out here with just breasts." Wolfgang replies "It's L.A.! There's plastic surgery everywhere!"

The cheftestants head back to the suite, as Judges Table will be the next morning. (Probably a good idea as the judges were well on their way to being schnockered!) Brooke and Stefan dissect their dishes; Sheldon plays the ukelele for Josh, who falls asleep. The next morning, Stefan is show speaking to his Mom in Finland, who has had Parkinson's Disease for the past 18 years.

They head back to the Stew Room. Padma comes in to ask to see Josh, Sheldon and Lizzie. And they are the top group! Lizzie's chicken was fried perfectly, not greasy, but Wolfgang said it wasn't fried chicken the way *he* would think of it, but Lizzie says she isn't familiar with the dish. Tom said her salad was great. Josh's smoked chicken was a clever take on a traditional dish, per David Chang. Emeril said it was darn good. Padma notes the two different types of chicken on Sheldon's dish - he said he wanted one savory, one sweet. Tom said the only thing wrong with it was that everyone wanted more! Tom said "I ordered a 16 piece bucket - I think we only got 10." Sheldon said it was the short amount of time.

David Chang announces the winner, and it's Josh! he wins 365 bottles of Terlato wines. They are asked to send back the rest of the chefs. Out to JT heads Stefan, Josie and Brooke. :::Whooshing camera shots:::

Brooke notes it was one of the most difficult challenges for her, probably because of its simplicity. Removing the meat from the bone removed the vehicle that helps with flavor, per Tom. Wolfgang said she overthought the entire process, and it did the exact opposite of impressing them.

Josie is asked what her intent was with her dish, and she replies she wanted to use every piece of the chicken, but a fryer was down, so she went with the boneless pieces of chicken. David Chang said there was a pool of grease on the banana leaf, so it was a gut-bomb of chicken, and not in a good way. Josie starts in with more excuses about time constraints (Tom looks *very* frustrated with her comment) and she had to go from the fryer to the plate. Tom notes that it seems to be happening a lot - last week with the bouillabaisse and this week with the chicken. She said she was "wasting time..." and Tom cuts her off and says "Exactly. You're wasting time." She said everyone who tasted it thought it was delicious. Tom said "I guess everyone (and he looks around and lists all the judges and guests) don't know what we're talking about." Josie said "That's not what I meant."

Padma asks Stefan why chicken cordon bleu. He said "I grew up in Europe; we don't have fried chicken like you guys do in America." Tom asks Wolfgang where he grew up, and Wolfgang said in Austria - and one of their most famous Viennese dishes is fried chicken. Stefan said this was his twist on fried chicken, but Tom refutes that this is a "twist". Tom said it's what you get in bad banquets and that Stefan is not looking to give them what was asked for, but make something that will be good enough to get him through and Stefan says "No!" Emeril notes that it wasn't even good Cordon Bleu. As they walk out, Padma notes to Tom "Such a bullshitter. SUCH a bullshitter!"

The judges deliberate. David said the lack of flavor alone of Brooke's dish should send her home. Tom said he'd rather eat her dish rather than Josie's greasy fried chicken. Padma said that Josie at least gave them fried chicken, and Tom says "Greasy, nasty fried chicken!" David notes that her reasoning of "I ran out of time" doesn't help her - timing is everything in the kitchen. Tom said "It's the Josie Show!" David is perplexed at Stefan's Chicken Cordon Bleu. Padma said she doesn't even know the last time she saw it on a menu. Emeril said he got it 2 flights ago. Padma said she could send Stefan home for his outright lying to the judges.

An they're back - Tom does his review, and Padma asks JOSIE TO LEAVE!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm doing the Happy Dance right now!

Josh notes in the confessional "Thank God the Josie Show has been cancelled! It's getting rid of Josie in the kitchen, but it also gets rid of her laugh."

I'm SO going to watch LCK tonight as well! Kristen - time to get revenge! Ahh shoot! They don't have the video up yet. Dammit - I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

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