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Top Chef Masters Finale.....nobody is doing it?..... [SPOILERS!]


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Top Chef Masters Finale.....nobody is doing it?..... [SPOILERS!]

Shrinkrap | Sep 26, 2012 11:00 PM


So it's Chris.

The whole time I'm thinking...are they playing us? Chris' letters ( love, apology, to self, and....??? ) seem more authentic, but Kerry's food might be what most folks want to eat. The Saveur guy wants Kerry, but Ruth wants Chris. That gifttaste guy says best in thirty years, and he doesn't even look thirty years old. I want to know more about him. Maybe I will order something.

Wish I could do this justice, but it's pretty late here.

I'm impressed with how young Chris seems, looking for a res at Incanto, and digging his Boccalone pig jowls out of my freezer. But I don't want no babies. Husband says "Hell, no!", to the res, and probably the babies. Daughter says this is "edgy".

What's next?

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