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Top Chef - Episode 7 (spoilers)


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Top Chef - Episode 7 (spoilers)

boogiebaby | Apr 20, 2006 01:28 PM

I'm so glad Miguel is gone! I found him annoying from day 1. He's so careless and makes mistakes and then won't accept the blame (like the wrong price per pound for the fish, scales on the fish, the Andrea situation).

I didn't quite get Steven's sandwich -- I think he was trying too hard. Miguel was clueless -- the goal was to make a sandwich so he made a deconstructed sandwich, and then doesn't understand why he didn't win? C'mon! I'm glad Harold got it.

The Challenge was great too. I love how Steven told the Restaurant Supply guy that his budget was $400 and the guy said "well, you're running over $1000"! I thought "That figures!"

I know they were showing people waiting to be seating at Sabor while Steven was trying to "educate" diners. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the judges told him "This isn't Top Sommelier"!!!!

Did any of the diners end up going to American Workshop instead because they didn't want to wait for Sabor? I also didn't get the tuna tartare with the roasted chicken at AW, as one diner said too. They just don't go well together concept wise. Dave did a great job with the front end and he really deserved the trip to France/Cannes.

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