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Top Chef episode 4 - let the dialogue begin! (spoilers)


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Top Chef episode 4 - let the dialogue begin! (spoilers)

NYgal | Mar 30, 2006 07:57 PM

I am officially full-on addicted to this show. The more in-depth they go with each contestant (as the group is whittled down), the more I like it. I think the shopping and food preparation is getting more air time as well.

I gotta say, I'm a little sick of Harold, Tiffany and Steven bitching about how the challenges are beneath their talents. Not only do they come across as arrogant, but I think anyone whose passion and profession is food should embrace the opportunity to make creative, nonconventional recipes. The gas station food was a little extreme but how many times have you conjured up dinner from a half dozen mismatched week-old items in the fridge? I do think that is a measure of culinary capabilities.

Although I found her totally endearing, I think it was clear that Candace needed to go. I also wonder how long Andrea is going to last. How many times can you sell a meal by talking about your colon??

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