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Top Chef Canada, Season 2, Episode 9 (spoilers)

chefhound | May 7, 2012 09:44 PM

It's the camping episode and the vending machine Quickfire.

The Quickfire: The chefs have $10 to purchase items from a vending machine and create a sweet and salty snack for Spenny, of Kenny vs. Spenny fame. The chefs get pretzels, chips, ramen, nori, pork rinds, dried fruit, wasabi peas etc. and the use of the pantry.
Jonathan get jelly rolls, pretzels and marshmallows and makes a Thai jelly roll. David gets nori, dried fruit, ramen and ketchup chips and beef jerky and he makes ramen tempura-battered dried papaya and beef jerky nori rolls. Trevor get pretzels and pork rinds and makes pork rind batter chicken wing with pretzel mayo. Carl picks Reese's pieces, rice crispy squares and pork rinds and makes rice squares with peanut butter chocolate and pork rinds, Trista get Indian snacks, dried figs, licorice, bbq sticks and mooncakes and makes a pakora with dried fig, licorice-infused mustard. Ryan gets wasabi peas, corn chips, and marshmallows - we don't find out what Ryan made. We also don't get to see what Xavier got from the machine or what he made.
The bottom: David and Carl.
The top: Trevor and Trista. And the winner is Trevor. He wins an advantage for the Elimination round.

For the Elimination round, the chefs have to go camping and cook brunch for Roger Mooking, each chef featuring a wild game ingredient which they don't find out about until they get camping. Trevor's advantage is a good night's sleep in a luxury tent while the other chefs have to build their own tents and sleep on the ground.
Trista gets squab, David gets quail, Ryan get rabbit, Trevor gets pheasant, Carl gets duck, Xavier has partridge, Jonathan gets guinea hens.
Jonathan make rotisserie guinea hen with wild rice pancake, roasted tomato jam and curry. Trevor makes pheasant ragout with corn and mushrooms and a poached egg and tomato jam. Carl does duck two ways, with beans, kale and mushrooms and also a poached egg. Ryan also does a duo - wild mushroom rabbit ragout and potatoes, morels and leeks with rabbit loin. Xavier makes partridge two ways - roasted breast and foie gras stuffled leg with lentils. Trista makes smorgasbord squab with french toast, dandelion, corn and potatoes. As the storm gets closer, David serves quail stuffed with black trumpet mushrooms with cassoulet, shirred eggs and naan.
The top: Trevor, Trista, Carl and Jonathan.
The bottom, David, Ryan and Xavier.
The winner is Trista, who wins a Weber barbecue.
And Ryan goes home.

Good job, Trista! She's been in the middle and the bottom for so long, I was sure she was going home soon. And she looked lovely in her wedding pictures. I had a feeling Ryan's time was coming. He has been floundering the last few episodes. I love how Jonathan and David embrace the challenges. While others are uncomfortable, they throw themselves into the challenges. Even though the results are not always winners, their attitudes are definitely Top Chef worthy. Dodged a bullet there, Dave. Usually the guy with the improperly cooked protein gets sent home.

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