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Top Chef Canada, Season 2, Episode 6 (spoilers)

chefhound | Apr 17, 201210:24 AM

So before we get to Restaurant Wars, let's start thing off with a high stakes Quickfire.
Make a soup and sandwich. The worst soup and sandwich gets you sent home.

On the top: Ryan with a Lobster club on a homemade Old Bay biscuit with a poblano, basil and zucchini soup; Carl with a tomato gazpacho with a bacon, cucumber and tomato sandwich; Jonathan with a Chinese bbq chicken consomme and Vietnamese sandwich.
On the bottom: Trista's Chilled smoked tomato soup with a tuna, avocado sandwich with black garlic aioli; Curtis' fried oyster po' boy and charred tomato shallot gazpacho; Gabriell's butter toasted bread with rosemary soup and prosciutto and truffle sandwich.
The winner: Jonathan, who wins an advantage in the Elimination round. Runner-up Carl gets $3,000 and his dish on the menu at Milestones.

For restaurant wars, Jonathan is the captain of the first team. He has to pick the captain of the second team and he chooses Elizabeth. Jonathan's team consists of Carl, Curtis, Trevor and David - Restaurant Fable - Farm to Table. Liz's team consists of Jimmy (who kept saying Not me! Not me! in his head), Xavier, Ryan and Trista - Restaurant True North - Modern Canadian. They are cooking at Lee and Lee Lounge, with Susur Lee as their guest judge and his sons as guest diners.

For True North, Liz is expediting and Ryan is front of house. The menu: Ryan's Ontario corn soup with marinated fennel; Jimmy's "into the vegetable garden" salad; Liz's Braised and grilled octopus with yogurt mint sauce; Xavier's roasted duck breast with white beans and sherry jus; Trista's sockeye salmon with olive oil crushed potatoes; Liz's pork loin with crispy pig's ears and maple roasted apples. Vegetarian option from Jimmy is added last minute - potato risotto-style. For dessert, dark chocolate torte with raspberry sorbet and cocoa nib tuile from Xavier and plum financier with peach compote and sour cream ice cream from Trista.
Judges are waiting. Things are behind because Liz is not expediting well. Jimmy and Ryan take over.

For Fable, Jonathan is running the kitchen and Trevor is front of house. Here's the menu.
Jon's tomato cucumber salad with buffalo mozzarella, tomato water vinaigrette; Dave's quail, duck and foie gras terrine; Carl's roasted striploin with brown butter hollandaise and crushed potatoes; Carl's sage gnocchi with butternut puree, chanterelles, corn and cauliflower; Curtis' sockeye salmon with carrot puree and peas. For dessert, roasted peach crumble panna cotta from Trevor and flourless chocolate cake with sour cherry sorbet from
Dave and Curtis.
Things are going well in the kitchen, Jon is running things smoothly until Curtis' ice cream fails and they have to send out barely frozen, soupy ice cream.

On the bottom, Team True North. Ryan's soup is too sweet, Xavier's duck was undercooked and chewy, Liz's pork is too casual, Trista's plum totally overwhelmed by peach, Jimmy's potato risotto is terrible. Liz tries to deny responsibility for everything at first, Jimmy calls her out for her bad job expediting, everyone else backs him up. Liz says she will take the "credit" for her team's failures.

On the top for Team Fable, not everything was perfect but most things are pretty good up until the desserts. Trevor was better at front of house than Ryan. Jon did a much better job of expediting. Carl's striploin and brown butter hollandaise received accolades from everyone. Susur loved the hollandaise. And Carl is the winner. And Jonathan's bandana is from his old notebook when he worked for Susur.

Now, I don't think our "Magical Elves" are as inventive with their editing as their counterparts in the US, so unless there was some crazy editing going on, Liz did insist on running the pass and then tried to say that the others told her to do it. And again, unless the editing was very creative, it appears that she was majorly fumbling it. So then she tried to blame Jimmy for throwing her under the bus? It seemed pretty obvious to me that she wanted to be in control and then couldn't handle it.

Sorry Gabriell had to go but he wasn't hacking it, as evidenced by his performance in the last few challenges. Carl seems to be the one to watch out for. He's on a roll.

Is it just me or is Lisa Ray great? She's so real, unlike Padma. And I have to say, I didn't like Shereen much in Season 1 but I'm really loving her this season.

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