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Top Chef Canada, Season 2, Episode 12 (spoilers)

chefhound | May 28, 201209:57 PM

The last episode before the finale. The final four.

Quickfire: Pies. The chefs have to make two pies, one sweet and one savory for Marc Thuet and his wife. David makes cipate with puff pastry and rabbit for his savory pie and peach and blueberry pie with mascarpone sour cream ice cream for his sweet pie. Trevor makes an apple bacon tart with walnut crust and blue cheese cream for his sweet pie and chanterelle, caramelized onion and foie pie for his savory. Carl makes a peach and blueberry pie for his sweet pie and a cheddar, ham and chanterelle pie with duck fat pastry for his savory. Jonathan makes an apple pie with sharp cheddar pastry for his sweet and a potato, caramelized leek and bacon pie with dill and bacon fat pastry for his savory pie.
The top: Carl and Trevor.
The bottom: David and Jonathan.
The winner: Carl, who wins a custom CaesarStone counter for either work or home, worth $5,000, and for the runner-up Trevor, $3,000 and his apple bacon pie featured at Milestones.

Elimination: The chefs have to create a fashion-inspired lunch dish. And they get a sous chef from season 1. They draw knives. Carl gets Rob. Trevor gets Francois, David get Connie who he knows because their restaurants are part of the Le Germain hotel group. Jonathan gets Dusty who he worked with at Susur. Lisa then announces that the winner will get $10,000.
There's a fashion show at the Shops at Don Mills where they are cooking, which reinforces the theme of the challenge. Jennifer McLagan is the guest judge.
Jonathan makes a dim sum trio with uni in a mussel shell, prawn dumpling and jicama roll. Trevor makes a potato-crusted lamb loin with ratatouille and porcini foam. Carl makes a crispy Euro bass salad with zucchini aioli and roasted red pepper coulis. David makes nori-wrapped beef tenderloin with wasabi pea butter, celery root with veal jus glazed shallot and chive puree.

Judging: Chef McLagan announces that the winner is Carl, who wins $10,000 and a place in the finale. Trevor is the next chef to make it to the finale. And it's between David and Jonathan for the last spot.
They liked David's look but not the food. They found Jonathan's food disappointing and didn't like the look either.
And David is sent home (probably for the chive puree) and Jonathan goes on to the finale.

Oh no, David! I had such hopes. Oh well, at least you won all that cash. I was pretty torn between who I thought/hoped would go home. I couldn't decide who I preferred because they're both great.

I thought the challenge was a bit lame for the last Elimination challenge. The fashion connection was tenuous at best. I wish the challenge had been more culinary-based, less gimmicky, so the chefs could show their stuff. A mystery basket (Chopped-style) challenge would have been great here. It was nice to see the chefs from season 1 again, though I would think they might be used in the finale instead. I thought the comment from Carl about making something that's never been seen before was funny. I'm pretty sure Sarah made a rye-bread-encrusted fish in the Top Chef Texas finale. And his frustration with the server was hilarious in a sad way. Why didn't the server just write it down? What kind of servers are they using? She didn't know what aioli is?

Looks like the finale is fraught with trouble. Good luck chefs!

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