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Top 5 things a newbie should try at Wegmans


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Top 5 things a newbie should try at Wegmans

FriedClamFanatic | Jun 9, 2009 12:17 PM

I"m about to make one of my periodic trips to Wegmans for the hard to find and fun to find items. Since it''s a bit of a haul for me, i don't go regularly, maybe 2-3X a year. I love all their stuff, their prices, and their staff. I"m talking a friend along this time who has never been to one, and it got to me to thinking: If you were gonna introduce them to the best of Wegman's food stuff, what 5 MUST-Have items should they bring home. I have a couple of chesses in mind along with a sweetish/spicy sauce they carry (not theirs). i know they will we wowwed by the place, but it's the food that will keep them coming back.

Any suggestions?

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