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What would you do (tonkotsu broth stored in the refrigerator)?

AntarcticWidow | Nov 21, 201412:23 PM     4

I have already reviewed this post: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/562321 but it is mainly about chicken stock. I am wondering if it might be different with pork/tonkotsu broth.

It has been at least six weeks (maybe more) since I made the six quarts of broth, cooked down for 20-24 hours. Well, I just found two quarts and a pint jar in the way back of my refrigerator. The quart jars have a one-inch thick layer of fat sealing it, the pint jar has a 1/2-inch seal. The broth itself is solid gelatin. I cracked open the pint, it smells and tastes fine.

Is the danger factor the same as with chicken stock? Would you use it or say bye-bye?

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