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Tried Tongue Thai'd in Royal Oak, MI today...


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Tried Tongue Thai'd in Royal Oak, MI today...

boagman | Jan 11, 2011 02:32 PM

...and enjoyed it. Went there for lunch, and had sort of planned on getting one of their $6.50 lunch specials on the back of the menu, but upon looking at the offerings (rather meager on the lunch combos, I'd say), I decided to go a la carte with one of the House Specialties, Thai Riffic Twisted Curry. I know, I's kind of a cheesy name for an entree, but it's basically red, yellow, and green curry together with some lime and veggies, with my choice of meat (chicken) over rice. I opted for "2" on a heat scale of 0-4.

The dish itself was quite nice, and not too busy, as I thought it might be. The curry sauce was relatively thick, and there was plenty of it, allowing for a tasty treatment of the white rice. The chicken was very recognizable as white meat, and had good texture and flavor. They didn't skimp on it, either, and for $9, they shouldn't. The whole dish was really enough for two meals for me, especially since they graciously offered to bring me more rice, and, since I'm *trying* to be better this year about not eating too much, they were completely willing to let me have it to go, too.

The veggies tasted fresh to me, and were nicely cut/skinned. For aesthetic value, I do wish that they'd thrown in some red bell peppers or something to give the dish a bit more color, but the veggies that were present were nice and well-prepared...not destroyed. The rice was just's hard to get rice wrong, but it most definitely can be done, and theirs was fine.

Service at 1PM was a bit disheveled, but that's at least in part due to the fact that Natalie (the wife of the chef/owner, I think) was training a new server/FOH person on her first day, and so there were some distractions. Nothing earth-shattering, though. One thing about the facility: it's *cold* in there. They have a little portable heater going, but especially given the way the door stays open too long, that little heater just isn't enough. Go in with the temperature factor in mind.

Overall, I was pleased. This was my first chance to try their food (I stopped in *just after* they first opened, but had just eaten before that), and I enjoyed it. It's not necessarily the cheapest Thai food you'll eat, but neither is it the most expensive, and the quality seems to be there, at least in the early stages here. One thing's for *darned* sure: this place is far, far, *FAR* better than the cursed-of-God lousy Thai House Express that used to be there, which honestly served inedible food.

They're still working on the facilities to make it more of a place that can be dined in (working on putting another bathroom in, for example), but they're making steps in the right direction. Natalie knows her menu, she works hard, and she's not afraid to talk shop. The chef in back has some skill to make dishes with freshness and appeal. Spice level was tamer than what I'm used to (JP would probably laugh out loud at it), so I'll step it up to a "3" next time, but my mother probably would have thought that the "2" level was going to kill her dead. She's unapologetically *not* a spice/heat-loving person.

I'll be eating the rest of the dish either tonight or tomorrow via the microwave and I'll see if it holds up under subsequent dining opportunities.

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