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Tomatoes how do you like them?


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Tomatoes how do you like them?

chef chicklet | Jul 13, 2007 10:11 AM

I love tomatoes and sometimes yes I like them cold. BUT, only on certain HOT food items (please note) just pizza or enchiladas, or a few cold ones dropped into a soup. More for the temperature and texture pleasure, not the flavor. Room temperature salads like a beautiful Caprese, would not be the same with a chilled tomato, now would it?

I love them both ways chilled, and room temperature. I'm sure that there are allot of opinions and yes they probably do lose some flavor, but my question is, "Are you willing to sacrifice the coldness factor for a little flavor?" Or is there absolutely no way, EVER a chance that you will you eat a chilly tomato.

This is NOT to be confused with the horrid, cold packed tomatoes that we all have seen in stores everywhere when its not tomato season. You know, those pale things that go for around $1.89 lb that they label "tomato". Like most of you, I always pass on those, and wait for vine ripened (and even those can be iffy) and or wait for the glorious tomato season.

Yes I know the tomato should not be stored below, 50 F, However, if it is merely for a couple of days, I don't notice any huge difference. So CH what do you like with your fresh tomatoes and how do you feel about the chill issue.
And what is your very favorite way to use them?


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