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Tomato Sprouts Inside Tomatoes: Found any?

Caroline1 | Mar 28, 201211:55 PM

Since I found out about storing fresh tomatoes stems down to preserve freshness, I've been doing it and delighted with the results! So I have this large, flat clamshell of Eurofresh Compari vine tomatoes sitting on the countertop, only about half gone. They're beginning to get "prune wrinkles" on a couple of them, so when I was whipping up a risotto for lunch today, I thought, hey! Why not some diced fresh tomatoes in it? That's Italian!

When I cut them in half, three of the four had tiny bright green "tomato sprouts" inside them! How cute, I thought! Let's see, bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, why not tomato sprouts? So I sliced and diced and tossed them in the risotto after the onions, pine nuts, and rice had browned, but just before the Noilly Pratt. God, they smelled good! And as the risotto progressed, it was developing a nice thick sauce. But strangely, even after nearly a half hour of stirring and adding more hot stock, the rice was still a little gritty. This has NEVER happened before! And it's not a new batch of arborio rice, so I know there's no problem with it. But it got soft enough to eat. And it WAS simply delicious...!

And about ten or fifteen minutes later, serious gastric distress set in. What's going on here? So I googled "tomato sprouts" and found a LOT of conflicting information. Some sites say they're great to eat, eat on! Other's say the can cause gastric irritation and adversely effect the nervous system. Here are a couple of websites, one pro and one con, that are interesting:

It seems to be a relatively new thing. I've been eating tomatoes for a verrrrrrry loooooong time and NEVER experienced this before this past ten or twelve months. I have eaten a sprout containing tomatoe in the past, but I picked the sprouts out before putting it on a sandwich. No ill effects. But this time I used four smallish tomatoes and left the sprouts in, then cooked them. Adverse effects. I supose the gastric upset could have been from something else, but I don't really think so. And I've NEVER had arborio rice stay that gritty after cooking that long!

Strange things are happening... Tomato eaters, beware! Bottom line is I think AgriBusiness is messing with our food again, and as past experience has taught us, they often don't know what the hell they're doing. We -- the consumers -- are their guinea pigs! <squeeeeeeeaaaalll>

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