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tomato paste in tubes - storage

cleopatra999 | May 21, 201208:58 AM

I brought back some tomato paste in tubes from Italy. Thinking that this was the solution to all my woes about not using up a whole can, then trying to freeze the rest.

after opening my first tube I realized it says use with 2 weeks of opening! Grrrr. Now I know that this is still a long time compared to an open can, but it is also much bigger than a can.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the validity of this? I really believe many manufactures are putting best before dates, not expiry dates, on food items in an attempt to make you have to purchase more often. Shouldn't my tomato paste tube last as long as many of the other condiments in my fridge?

I was debating tossing the whole tube in the freezer, then when I need it, thaw it just enough to squeeze some out and then refreeze.

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