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Tomatillos...Si !

4Cosmo | Sep 18, 201110:22 AM

>>Jen: I make chile verde tamales every year and I've never used tomatillos. To complicate things: I do use a tomato or two in my chile verde, but never tomatillos.<<

Hmmm... Well, first of all, I believe the subject was Chili Verde, not chili verde tamales...completely different. Secondly, she mentions using tomatoes like the tomatillo is somehow related to tomatoes...it is not. The tomatillo is from the gooseberry family. Anyway, I highly recommend using tomatillos. They give the chili verde an awesome taste. For those that are finding it sour, you probably are not using ripe tomatillos. Stay away from the dark green and try using the lighter green ones. The combination of the tomatillos with jalapenos and anaheim chilis is the bomb. Use lots of garlic and onions and slow cook that puppy in a crock pot and you won't want to put the leftovers away. Bon appetit!

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