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Tomahawk steak QF - would you use a thermometer

kmcarr | May 31, 200808:58 AM

While watching the tomahawk steak QF on this week's Top Chef I didn't see a single cheftestant use a thermometer to temp their steaks. I will grant you that the editor may have left these bits of film on the cutting room floor, but since a few of the chefs did not have their steaks at the requested temperature suggests that they relied on less precise methods to judge doneness. These are professional chefs who are quite use checking the temperature of products and probably always have an instant read thermometer in the pocket of their chef's coat. I check the temperature of may steaks with a thermometer at home when just cooking for myself! (But I'm a scientist so it's sort of in my nature I guess.)

I'd like to know what CHers do or would have done. Do you check your steaks with a thermometer at home? If you were in a competition "to win $100,000 to fulfill your culinary dreams and earn the title of Top Chef" would you have used a thermometer to make sure your steak was the perfect medium rare?

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