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tokyo trip report feb2015

Lucil | Feb 19, 201507:17 PM     3

report on the following places
it seems like the ingredient quality was not as good in general as compared to autumn 2013

owner chef is nice person
quality was high and price was very good
around 13k yen for food and 1 glass of sake
i liked it slightly more than Den( last trip)
memorable dishes bouzushi , dashi was to my liking( some fish dumpling) , stronger taste as compared to other places. grilled fish was cooked throughly like in most kaiseki places, ebi imo was good but kyoaji had better from my memory.
rice course was minced duck meat with kujo negi, good but not memorable. rice was good. dessert was refreshing and light , i think its mikan, compote and mascaprone cheese. i think this places gets better if you go as a returning customer.

tamawarai soba
soba good texture, does not have strong smell or taste ( so i kinda liked this soba )
miso yaki ebi good, tamagoyaki

taste of food a little similar to hong kong's ryugin ( experience july 2014)
i didnt like the food here that much now, i think it was better like 5-6 years ago
i like the shirako here. sashimi quality was good but not outstanding, had many different fish in one course now.
ebi imo and grilled fish, the ebi imo is whipped so its different from other kaiseki restaurants, fish was cooked throughly again. my least favourite kaiseki to date now.

toritsune shizendou
had tokujo oyakodon
good , had different parts of meat inside this. recommended

himitsudo kakigori
ichigo milk
nice strawberry sauce , ice was quick and light to dissolve in mouth. the milk is like yogurt thou, next time i'll take it just without the milk. recommended.

sushi zanmai honten
not so good fish, quality was comparable to hk's chain of sushi restaurant itacho.

chef is nice and quiet person
very clean preparation of food
dashi is lighter here.
taiza crab in a few courses
i dont really like crab meat, so i dont particulary like it.
kyoaji tai sashimi was better
i would do 3 meals at seizan compared to matsukawa( matsukawa had more expensive ingredients), not really memorable meal for me. kyoaji remains the best imo.

sushi sho
last visit was better(autumn 2013)
shari was mostly not warm, also i noticed the taste was quite strong for the white vinegared rice.
chef ( keita san?)makes quite big shari pieces, was kinda put off by the size considering the number of pieces. quality was better last time, this visit i think the fish was not better than shinji kanesaka(singapore)
around 22k yen per person

sushi nanba
owner chef should be fan of sushi shimizu
he says this style is his own style, and never worked at the big league ginza sushi shops before, but he says he likes shimizu and imamura(shirokane) i think there might be some similarities in the sushi here with sawada or shimizu or imamura( never been to all)
chef portions all the fish just right before serving everyone. no plates here, everything was served on the wooden counter.
shari is good taste and fish quality was good, a little heavy handed on the shoyu.
otsumami in beginning was very good, chawanmushi with clam soup on top, memorable. abalone very good. some other good pieces which i could not remember.
nigir pieces , memorable were kawahagi , tuna is good here. tamagoyaki i like it, castella style? almost as sweet as a peranakan kueh ambon
15k yen for extra negitoro, kawahagi ( not as good as 1st piece), tamagoyaki and 2 sake.

tenfusa( tsukiji)
went here because it was near my place, also did not know what to have for lunch.
tendon, heavy taste batter , shiba ebi and anago tendon
did not like it, will not waste time queing over 1 hour again.

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