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Here it is, my Tokyo and Kyoto selection - Final advices welcomed

Rio Yeti | May 13, 201210:10 AM

Thank you all for the help you've given me on my previous post (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/829532) as well as on all the golden pages of Chowhound.

I have finally (almost) narrowed down my choices for my trip to Tokyo and Kyoto in September 2012, and am coming for a last checkup with the brains (and bellies) of Chowhound.

3 stars:
- Ryugin or Takazawa (formerly known as Aronia de Takazawa). I am leaning towards Takazawa now.

- Sushi Dai or Daiwa Sushi or Sushi Bun (whichever has the shortest line)
- Sushi Saito (or Sushi Sawada if my budget increases in the next 2 months... but doubtful)

- Warita
- Kururi
- Suzuran
- Menya Kissou
- Ivan Ramen (maybe, if it isn't too much of a pain to get there depending on the day's planned itinerary).

- Nodaiwa

- Narutomi

- Souten or Fuku (am leaning towards Souten, but Fuku is cheaper, and right now I'm working on a tight budget).

- Tsunahachi

Wagyu/Kobe beef:
- 511

- Hiirajiya

Shojin Riyori:
- Izusen or Shigetsu (both sound equally nice, so will probably end up in the most convenient one depending on our itinerary).

- Yamamoto Menzo


We will of course eat in many other places, but those are the "destination meals" I have planned. You are all very welcome to comment on anything you want.
Of course I am aware that not all my choices are the "top choice" in its category, I had to take the budget into consideration, and it will still be the most I've spent on food of all the trips of my life...

How long in advance should I make reservations for the top restaurants like Takazawa or Sushi Saito ? Should I call them already for September ?
And what about the other restaurants (Souten, Tsunahachi, 511...) ? Can I make a reservation when I'm already there one or two days in advance or is that too short notice ?

Again, thank you all for the tremendous help you've given me on planning my trip. I'm sure I'll post some more before I go, but I'll also make sure and make a thorough trip report when I come back in October.
Rio Yeti

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