I Want to Toast a SINGLE Piece of Bread


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I Want to Toast a SINGLE Piece of Bread

ambrose | Sep 7, 2007 07:16 AM

Is there a toaster out there that will toast a single piece of bread properly, i.e. that will give toast that is uniformly dark on both sides?

Some time ago I purchased a Cuisinart toaster at Wegman's. It's great as long as you toast two pieces at once. It fails miserably with one piece. One side of the toast is brown while the other remains almost untoasted. A friend of mine bought the inexpensive Farberware FST 200 (recommended by Cooks Illustrated) and if anything it's worse than the Cuisinart at toasting one piece of bread.

If you've found that magic toaster, let me know! I'm getting tired of toasting a piece of bread at a low setting, then toasting again with the piece reversed.

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