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TitleThe Mmm Face – Do we really want to watch people eat?


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TitleThe Mmm Face – Do we really want to watch people eat?

Up With Olives | Dec 27, 2007 07:27 AM

Accompanying the dumbing down of food/cooking television that we’ve all bitched about is what’s known in our house as “The Mmm Face.” Much airtime seems to be given to watching the host and/or chef tasting and eating, sometimes accompanied by the OER – the Orgasmic Eye Roll. This is especially bullsh*t if the chef herself is cooking – you’re a professional, on television – is it not therefore presumed that a) you have made the dish before, and b) you believe it is good?

Now, I do understand that if Tony Bourdain is going to chomp on something questionable or scary, we want to see his reaction. In the opposite corner, if it’s Paula Deen in her lardotorium going on and on like the bad actress she is, it’s unbearable. So I don't watch. But seems to be becoming a standard, and I’m just not especially fond of watching people chew and make faces, an unappetizing timewaster that wasn’t done in the professional chef-type shows of the past, where they’d plate something and that was that. Oh, Sara Moulton would take it to a table with a glass of wine, but that was about it.

Any thoughts?

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