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Tired of So Much Meat on Restaurant Menus....


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Tired of So Much Meat on Restaurant Menus....

Cartwheel | May 4, 2004 07:12 PM

(Live in NYC, yet see this in other cities in the US and elsewhere.)

Anyone else feel the same way? Sure, there is always at least one vegetarian entree, either a pasta, plate of roasted vegetables, etc that received little thought from the chef, while 98% of the rest of the entrees center around meat and include the chefs' signature items.

Am far from vegetarian, just losing my taste for large portions of meat/ poultry/ fish on an everyday basis. Also, don't want a large plateful of pasta or risotto.

Ideally, prefer creative concoctions which consist mainly of assorted vegetables, maybe some with tofu, and some with tiny garnishes of pasta, quinoa, rice or other carbohydrate, and perhaps a small amount of fish, poultry or red meat. Stews, casseroles, timbales, etc would be great, and small salads other than caesar, endive, frisee, caprese, etc...

The Asian cuisines are more vegetable-oriented, but usually come with very sugary-sweet sauces and gratuitous fat, and of course need to be enjoyed with ample rice/noodles. In CA I noticed more of a tendency towards the use of vegetables as primary ingredients, esp in appetizers but also in entrees.

So, is most of the population still meat and pasta/carb oriented with regard to entrees and appetizers?

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