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Tips for Holding Charity Bake Sales

Pamela | Mar 11, 2008 01:53 PM

Hello, O wise, great, and wonderful Chowhounds.

A bunch of us (we live in Southern California--South Bay area) are planning to hold a charity bake sale, but we are having a problem finding a venue. We won't need a kitchen. We considered renting a booth at a local Farmer's Market, but we would need a kitchen permit of some sort (this, in spite of not needing a kitchen). I also checked other possible venues (say, a flea market, fairgrounds, etc.) and they were all pretty strict with respect to selling food. It sounds like lots of permits--and costly ones at that--involved.

Do any of you have any tips for me?

I am not religious, but live next to a church and have access to two other churches (one being my mother's). Would we NOT need food permits if we used church sites to sell our baked goods?

What other venues would you recommend?

I'm guessing that no matter which venue we choose, a portion of the profits would have to go to that organization, in addition to our charity target.

Any tips?

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