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Any tips for new cast iron skillet user?

food_eater79 | Apr 24, 200811:56 PM

Just got a Lodge 12" pre-seasoned skillet. I've read their tips on further seasoning and taking care of it. Seems kind of a pain, but they're supposed to get better over time from what I've read.

I used it once tonight, made some bacon in it like they recommend for the first few uses, or to use some other fatty meats to aid in seasoning the pan.

I got a stiff nylon brush for it. You're not supposed to use soap, so after cooking my bacon I took it off the stovetop (extremely hot, smoking up the house hot even though I had the heat on medium. Then I rinsed it with hot water and scrubbed it with the brush.

Finally I dried it with a towel, recoated it with a bit of crisco on the inside and outside and wiped the excess oil off. Pan is still very hot!

Hopefully I'm doing it right, and does anyone have a recommendation for a potholder that can withstand the heat this thing puts off? It seems to have burned my cotton one a bit.

Also, are cast iron pieces very sanitary, being that you're not really supposed to use any soap on them? I guess the heat takes care of all that?

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