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LMT | Mar 23, 200703:57 AM

OK, after reading that other lengthy thread about tipping, it got me thinking about something.

When I take out from my favorite Indian place (which has a large, nice dine-in area), I pick up my order from the bar. When I'm handed the check there is a blank for the tip amount...just as if I've eaten in the dining area. I just cross this out and do not leave anything as a tip for take out.

When I sit down and eat in any establishment, my usual tip is 20%. However, I just cannot justify leaving any tip when I do take out. No one served my food to me, no one bussed a table for me, no one seated me or refilled my water. So, I don't see the need to tip.

I've noticed, though, that almost all places that offer take-out use the same checks that dine-in patrons get. That is, with a blank to fill in the tip amount. This is true even in my hole-in-the-wall chinese take out. It has only a few measly tables that no one would dare sit at.

So I'm curious, what do others think about tipping for take-out?

Please note that I am not talking about tipping for delivery service, which obvioulsy warrants a tip.

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