Entertaining & Etiquette 2


TheSingleGourmet | Nov 23, 2004 10:24 PM

Okay, not really about food per se, but it's still related so I thought I'd post.

(Personally, I think tipping should be banned, but that's another story. I'm now coming round to the theory that it's to be expected, but my question is how much?)

For example, if there's really no concern with the food or service, or if ther is, and it's been resolved, then is 15% acceptable? And if the service is just terrible, is 10% acceptable? And when everyhting is outstanding and the server really did a good job, should one leave 20%?

Suppose 20% only amounts to $3.00. What do you do then? Leave more? Where do you draw the line? And do you leave a higher tip at a fancier restaurant? I mean, I think my best ratio was $7.00 on a $10.00 check.

And then what do you do at places like Starbucks and Corner Bakery? They don't really "serve" it's more self service, yet they have tip jars and when you pay by credit card, they'll say "total and sign." I do not think it appropriate to tip in these situations.

What are some other people's thoughts?

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