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To tip? or not to tip? - Take Out Food


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To tip? or not to tip? - Take Out Food

The Oracle | Oct 7, 2005 02:22 PM

All this valet tipping talk has got me thinking about a question I've ALWAYS wondered.

Do you tip on take out?

Over the years, I've asked a wide range of people and always get a different response (from "no way" to "20%").

But there I am, picking up my Thai/Mexican/etc., standing at the counter, STILL wondering - do I tip? do I not tip? Sometimes I tip a couple dollars (about 10% of the bill) and feel like I'm being robbed, because... well - it's take out!! Other days, when I don't leave tip, I feel like a cheap skate. ...just can't win. (When I sit and dine at a place, I have no problem tipping.)

Some I've talked to say that they tip if there is a specific person assigned to taking care of take out (for taking the phone orders, packing up the food, and giving it to you when you come in). I know of a few chains that do this (CPK comes to mind).

However, typically, I'm picking it up from the host/hostess, and while I realize that someone has to put the food from the kitchen in the containers... how do I know who did that? I might as well go tip the cook, for actually preparing the food! (Why can I actually see something like this happening, one day!) ;)

Others say that you are giving the place your business, and not getting a 'service' per se, so a tip is not necessary at all.

SO... what do YOU do?

Thanks in advance!

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