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When there is no "tip" option on the credit card receipt....


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When there is no "tip" option on the credit card receipt....

janetofreno | Apr 21, 2014 09:21 AM

There is a new bakery/restaurant near our house that is quickly becoming a favorite. Most of their sales are to go, but they do have a kitchen and food can be ordered from the counter and enjoyed there. (There are at least 10 tables and restrooms, so presumably they are planning on people eating there).

Anyway, a few days ago we stopped there for a late breakfast/early lunch after a morning of shopping. It was totally impromptu: we were hungry; we drive past this place on our way home from anywhere, and suddenly our plans of eating at home seemed silly (especially given their low prices and good food).

Neither one of us had a penny of cash on us (remember, it was an impromptu decision to stop). And DH went to pay with a credit card, and realized as he was signing the receipt that there was no way to add a tip. I suppose he could have asked them to add a tip to the total if he knew there was no option on the receipt, but at that point it was too late. So DH came back to the table (its an "order at the counter" place) and asked me if I had a few dollars for a tip. Nope.

We were embarrassed to sit there and eat, knowing that we had no way of leaving a tip. I figure when they set up the account the credit card processor must have assumed it was a bakery where most people take the goods home, and thus no tip line was necessary. But as I said, the place is clearly expecting folks to eat there with that many tables, and clean public restrooms.

I wanted DH to explain the lack of the tip to the owner, but he was embarrased and just said "We come here all the time; I'll just leave them extra cash next time" (I confess; I was embarrased too).

I hope they give us good service and good food the next time we go, which will surely be soon enough that they will remember us. This is an ethnic establishment and family owned and operated, so maybe they don't expect tips?

What would you guys do? Say something? gently remind the establishment that they might get bigger tips if there is that option on te credit card receipt? Leave it alone? My suggestion was to rush home, get some cash, and rush back to leave it for them....but DH was having none of that.

Curious what others would do, but mostly just venting here. I know there are folks that own similar establishments that frequent chowhound...let this be a warning to you: think these things through before opening!

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