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How do you tip if you eat at a restaurant AND also order food to-go?


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How do you tip if you eat at a restaurant AND also order food to-go?

prclssprl | Jun 22, 2010 01:34 AM

I often eat at restaurants and then order extra to-go for family members at home, for lunch the next day, etc. I guess not a lot of people do this since I tried finding an answer by googling various word combinations and couldn't find anything. From reading other posts, I figure that separately, most people tip 15% and up for food served at the restaurant and for take-out, tipping ranges from nothing to upwards of 20%. Generally, I tip 18% - 20% of the total bill for sit-down dining; however, I have never ordered only take-out/pick-up from a restaurant so I don't have a tipping policy for that. Probably (unless the service was amazing and I'm not really sure how you would do extraordinary packing up of food), I would not be willing to pay more than a couple dollars, perhaps 10%. My concern is that when I order for sit-down and to-go, it's all on one check. Even if I tip 10% for the to-go, it would bring down the total percentage, so then I feel a little bad that the waiter might consider that a below-average tip. But I know if I paid tip based on the entire bill, I would feel a little annoyed that I paid 15-20% tip for to-go food out of guilt. If it were just one small dish, it might not make a huge difference, but sometimes I order A LOT to go and it ends up being quite significant. I don't want to be cheap but I also don't want to feel gypped (even though no one is forcing me to pay). Would you just pay the same percentage for the entire bill or combine the two separate tips into one amount and hope that your waiter understands that it just seems less because the percentage for to-go food is less?

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