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"Time's Top 10 Bad Beverage Ideas" rivals some NEVER AGAIN, NEVER drinks...

stuck in Hartford County | Oct 21, 200906:37 AM

Bleeech! Sounds like new NEVER AGAIN, NEVER material!
1. Coke V10 (milk, carbonation and fruit flavors!) Currently being test marketed. Hopefully, in a Galaxy Far Far Away.
2. Coors Rocky Mountain Spring Water. Beer? Water? What's NOT to love!
3. Thanksgiving Dinner Soda (Jones). Pass on to mother-in-laws everywhere!
4. Life Savers Soda. The bottles look like a giant roll of Life Savers!
5. Tru Blood (hits stores in September 2010?) "Will taste slightly sweet, slightly tart."
6. New Coke (Duh)
7. OK Soda. Coke re-hired the same New Coke marketing genuises to create this "winner".
8. Maxwell Ready To Drink Coffee. How bad can this be?
9. Cocaine. Marketed as a "legal alternative". 350% more caffeine than Red Bull!
10. Orbitz. A "texturally enhanced alternative beverage" with "brightly colored balls of gelatin" suspended in this vile sounding drink.

The article makes an additonal reference to some "cheeze flavored" sodas popular in Asia.

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