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Time for tea - not this teashop


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Time for tea - not this teashop

Zoe | Apr 20, 2003 03:30 PM

Someone recommended the Gilded Rose "Shoppe" as a delightful spot to have tea, English style. Well we tried it and its no-no-please-don't-go.

Decor is kitschy and sort of cute; we ordered the $7.50 tea which came with a choice of tea and either scones (2 the size of 50 cent pieces) or sandwiches (which were curiously colored green so I didn't order those). I chose English breakfast tea and when the waitress came she poured about a third of a cup of milk in the cup and then filled it with the weakest tea ever seen (my Mum the quotable Ada would refer to it as "Maiden's water - it was that weak). I said, don't pour the milk in the cup until you see how strong the tea is and the waitress replied, that's how they do it in England but returned with another cup. The tea was not made with boiling water or allowed to steep, it was painful. The scones were served with a dab of clotted cream, a dab of lemon curd and a dab of raspberry something in a tinsy dish with a mustard spoon (one of my interests is serving pieces and this was DEFINITELY a mustard spoon). The bill came to $19.17 with a tip. Miss this one. I'm on my way to the Tudor House in Santa Monica which serves a great CUPPA and some pretty decent cakes, Battenberg slice (two colors in squares topped with marzipan and Banbury cakes with currants densely cooked in the flaky pastry.

Gilded Cage, 17114 Devonshire, Northridge, 91325

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