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How much time do you devote to cooking and related?

Normandie | Nov 8, 200910:56 PM

Now and then I'm surprised when I stop to think about it by how many hours go into performing my cooking responsibilities, to feed my family the way I want them to be fed (i.e., healthfully, with exposure to and appreciation for a wide range of foods prepared "from scratch".)

The thing is, I think I'm pretty efficient about it, simply because by now I have decades of experience in choosing the menus and doing all the things one needs to do (involving shopping, equipment maintenance/cleaning, prepping, researching foods and recipes, clean-up, etc.). I don't usually cook from recipes anymore, because I no longer have to unless it's a new baked good or unusually complex recipe), I have an extremely efficient "work triangle" that I designed for the way I cook, and I don't have other impediments to moving quickly through the process. And yet tasks related to cooking take up the biggest share of my time, of all my various chores.

I'm not complaining, because *most* of the time, I really enjoy it, and on the occasional days that I don't really feel like cooking, I always have quick options at hand. But I've just been thinking about what it takes to give a family a varied, interesting, nutritious, fun and hopefully tasty bill of fare day after day.

How much time do you think you spend on it? Do you work outside the home? (I don't now, but I did for twenty years, and even then, I spent most of hours outside of work on cooking matters.)

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